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Excellent Study Abroad assists you with all your international study needs from choosing the relevant course and university, to migrate to your dream destination. We are here to help you in making the right choice to pursue your education abroad. We are ardent on providing our services without imposing any service charges on students, apart from the standard payments to the university as well as the Visa application fee.Based in Caterham, UK, we will be able to guide the students 24/7 by understanding their needs, which mainly includes assistance to arrange accommodation and providing part-time jobs to students in the healthcare sector.

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Our Exclusive Services


Guaranteed Part-Time Jobs

This is our most exclusive service for our students. Excellent Study Abroad guarantees part-time ...jobs in healthcare for the UK aspirants, while they pursue their studies.It is always better to find a part-time job before you land in a foreign country that has a different environment. Landing there and then finding a part-time job is harder and is also a risk factor.As we have a hand in the healthcare sector, the aspirants who want to join the healthcare courses will be getting a rewarding opportunity. If you are not joining a healthcare course, no worries, we also have requirements for you.

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With or Without IELTS

For studying in the UK, you have mainly two choices available while applying. Either you can apply with ...your IELTS score, which must be equivalent to or above 6.5 for agraduate program and equivalent to or above 7 for a post-graduate program, or you can apply with your higher secondary marks if you have scored an overall aggregate of 60% marks, and equivalent or above 70% marks in the English Language alone.

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No Registration/Visa Charges

We assure you of 100% no commission or additional charges will be imposed on the candidates,... other than the standard fee needed for the application submission and visa processing. We never levy registration fees from the candidates because we want the students to achieve their dream beyond the financial restrictions.

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Fast Visa Processing

The time taken for visa processing depends on the priority we apply for. Usually, the standard time ...taken is 15 working days from the date of applying. In the case of a priority application, it will take 5 days for the processing. We do all the necessary procedures that help our students to acquire the fast processing of visas by avoiding unwanted mistakes while applying.

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Pre-Departure Briefing

Our students will undergo a pre-departure briefing session that will help the candidates to equip them with sufficient information on the... culture and behavior of the foreign country. We understand that they are going to a completely different environment and culture. So this session briefs the necessary information you may be required while abroad so that, you can easily blend with the new location and your studies. We will be assisting you with the means of communication, what to find where, things to do in a situation, emergency numbers, medical emergency protocols, etc.

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Airport Pick-Up

Our students get benefitted exclusively from this service. Once the candidates land safely at the international airport in the UK, ...we can arrange secure and timely airport pick-up. We will be collecting all the details regarding the departure and arrival of the students at the airport so that we can plan the pick-up accordingly.

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Why Choose Us?

The UK undertakes five percent of the world's research and outputs fourteen percent of the world's most often cited papers

The UK institutions offer the flexibility of selection and enable you to choose the academic courses of your interest

The teaching and learning methodology employed in the UK provides you with the freedom to be artistic and develop skill sets and confidence

As a student, you get a chance to be educated by the world's leading academic professionals

The UK degrees may be tailored to your interests

Why Study In the UK


The UK universities are proved to be the best in the world by finding their remarkable top positions in the top ten universities in the world, as per the QS world ranking. UK’s education system prefers practical and creative knowledge development on students over theoretical knowledge. Hence, helping the students to up bring the skills demanded by the job market. Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in the UK assesses the education practices of each university or college, to ensure the quality of education and provides feedback for their improvement regularly.

Compared to many other countries, UK study programs possess a shorter duration without compromising the quality of education. That means you can have a more intensive learning experience within a short span of time. This will help to save your valuable time as well as money. Isn’t that interesting?

Free medical treatments are accessible to the international students studying in the UK by the NHS (National Health Service). You have to pay a small amount called IHS (International Health Surcharge), to avail of this benefit.

While studying abroad, you need to meet your living expenses along with your studies. Getting a part-time job is the best way to manage your living costs. One can work 20 hours a week during the course and can work full-time during the semester break. Working in these ways also helps you to gain experience in the area of your studies.

There is a misconception that the living expense in the UK countries is too large to afford for a person. This is not at all true. The living costs completely depend on the location you choose to live in, while you study in the UK. London is a bit costlier than the other cities. You can find accommodation according to your budget in the nearby cities of the universities.

The UK is closest to many of the European countries such as Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. London, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Canterbury, Edinburgh are the favorite spots of the students in the UK most time. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are also the best places you can travel to explore the culture and the lifestyle of the people. You can make use of public transport that can be availed at reduced rates with monthly passes. Since the airport is functional 24 hours, you can also travel by flight.




DEIGN JACOB -Former Student

I am very much elated with the exceptional services offered by Excellent Study Abroad. They give you a clear understanding of choosing the right course and university, and assists with fast visa processing helpfully, without charging any additional fee. Highly recommended for study abroad programs.



One of my friends suggested Excellent Study Abroad, while I was looking for a PG course in the UK. Their team members are very supportive, and they helped me to clarify my queries with utmost patience. Now I have started my studies in my dream destination. All the honor goes to the Excellent Study Abroad team.


MARVIN TOM -Former Student

Excellent Study Abroad assures delivering outstanding services particularly in airport pick up and accommodation. They guided me properly not only to choose the course that suits me the best but also to complete all the necessary procedures to fly abroad, without any confusion. Thanks a lot, Excellent Team, for making my dream a reality!



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